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Chloe Jade Skye

“Until you have rid yourself of everything you are not, you cannot know who you truly are.”

Welcome to the official blog of writer Chloe Jade Skye. Its purpose is to chronicle the evolution of Chloe as a writer and a woman as she travels through this temporary existence.

Chloe has had two of her scripts turned into feature films (2018’s “Sick For Toys” and 2021’s “Road Head”).

Latest from the Blog

Dear Dave Chappelle

Let’s talk about Stonewall. Because you talk for a decent amount of time in your special about how much you respect “The Stonewall Gays,” a group of people who seem to live in your mind as a bunch of men who fought the police and won their freedom (maybe you watched the whitewashed film about…

Krenduun the Great! — Prologue

It wasn’t easy being the most powerful being on the planet. At least, it wouldn’t be for anyone else. For Krenduun, it came quite naturally.

A Late Night Walk in Tran Nuys

You know how some people believe that the universe is literally testing us? Like, once we believe we’ve accomplished something or overcome a personal emotional hurdle, the world will throw you a challenge, or a test, to see if you’ve actually overcome it? I never believed that to be the case… but I do have…

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