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Chloe Jade Skye

“The higher we rise, the smaller we look to those who cannot fly.”

The official website & blog of writer Chloe Jade Skye.

Latest from the Blog

Dear Dave Chappelle

Let’s talk about Stonewall. Because you talk for a decent amount of time in your special about how much you respect “The Stonewall Gays,” a group of people who seem to live in your mind as a bunch of men who fought the police and won their freedom (maybe you watched the whitewashed film about…

Krenduun the Great! — Prologue

It wasn’t easy being the most powerful being on the planet. At least, it wouldn’t be for anyone else. For Krenduun, it came quite naturally.

A Late Night Walk in Tran Nuys

You know how some people believe that the universe is literally testing us? Like, once we believe we’ve accomplished something or overcome a personal emotional hurdle, the world will throw you a challenge, or a test, to see if you’ve actually overcome it? I never believed that to be the case… but I do have…

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